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Our mission


Who We Are

Ice Cream and Community

We fell in love with Newport many years ago and always dreamed of opening our little scoop of heaven in this beautiful city one day. This shop is truly a family affair, with our children helping us execute the best little ice cream parlor in all of Newport. Our dream is now slowly becoming a reality and we are determined to bring the best quality and customer experience to the fabric of this community we have fallen so in love with. Hailing from Europe, we bring a unique perspective and experience unlike any in Newport that truly makes our shop special.

Our mission is built on a foundation of customer service and sustainability. The supplies we buy and use are all based on the idea that ice cream should bring happiness to families but also the world! Much of our ice cream is sourced from a local Rhode Island family business that still makes their ice cream from scratch with the same antique machines from the 1940's! Even the materials we have used to decorate the shop, from light fixtures to menu boards, have been purchased in antique shops. We are keen on cutting as much waste as possible and focusing on renewable and biodegradable materials wherever we can.

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